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Biossun first made its entry into the ideal home business with its bioclimatic gazebos. It now offers complete bioclimatic patio solutions through its 100% eco-designed, 100% French made patio covers and surrounds.

The Biossun systems are made in France from sustainable and recyclable
materials, and are labelled Origine France Garantie [Guaranteed French Origin].
With a rich network of some 50 distributors representing more than 100 outlets
across the whole of France as well as abroad (Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, etc),
Biossun has already installed more than 7000 bio-climatic patios.
This extensive presence guarantees premium support and a highquality service,
in line with customer requirements.

Biossun is:
– the wellbeing of a bioclimatic installation,
– the aesthetics of pure lines and customised design,available in more than 300 colours,
– the conviviality of a welcoming outdoor space all year round,
adjustable slat technology and a rain detector for added comfort.


7,000 bioclimatic patios
50 distributors
Guaranteed French Origin
Active in 100 outler

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