A cost-effective and high-performance range

TOPAZE is the ideal system for external composite frames in hot climates and it is suitable for tropical zones. Straight or curved design, 2 versions of TOPAZE sliding systems:

  • TOPAZE 20 mm: cyclone resistant, installations with SAFETYLINE louvres, …
  • TOPAZE+: large dimensions, more comfort and accessibility
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  • Single or double recessed handle with a lock and automatic closure system (window)
  • Multipoint closure systems (3 or 4 points) with handle and lock for enhanced security
  • Recessed pull handle
  • Class 5  cyclone resistant
  • Glazing thickness from 5 to 20 mm
  • Up to 140Kg/leaf

Dimensions XXL :

  • Rollers supporting up to 200Kg/leaf
  • Up to H 3.00 m thanks to 31 mm opening frame (Project solution)
  •  From 1 to 8 leaves

Glazing thickness from 6 to 24 mm : thermal insulation, acoustics and security

Technal patent: half-moon handle

Accessibility and durability:

  •    – Option: flat threshold
  •    – Subjected to 20000 cycles of opening and closing tests: ease of use and longevity
  • 1 & 2 leaf inward or outward opening.
  • Hinges in rabbet up to 100 kg or 120 kg with face-fixed pin hinges.
  • Range of thresholds according to the destination of the building: for exposed areas, wheelchair access…
  • Wide choice of ergonomic locks and handles: lever handles, push or pull bar, pad handle…
  • Specific devices to reinforce the security and numerous options: electric strike plate, fire-door espagnolette, emergency exit push bar…

  • 1& 2 leaf.
  • Adjustable floor spring set into the floor.
  • Finger protection gasket.
  • Same locks and handles as conventional simple action doors.

  • Peripheral opening frame or baseboard and double weather seal.
  • Specific water tightness devices according to each threshold choice for a better performance.
  • Economical solution, easy and qualitative fabrication: no machining for hinges, punching tool for drainages

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