• Large choice of colors: rich aluminum, pure white, soft white, pearl white, dark red, luminous blue, luminous red, starlight black, light brown, classic orange…
  • For your kitchen backsplash, table top, walls, closet doors, furniture


Having made a name for itself in the marketplace, Lacobel has a long-standing reputation as a highly-respected decorative glass offering endless design opportunities to enhance any interior. Due to its high quality paint applied to the back of the glass, Lacobel offers a bright reflective look, giving it a very distinctive appearance.
Capitalising on this captivating quality, it’s a popular choice for sliding doors, wall claddings and many other interior applications. Another reason for its favour is our professional industrial process which results in its superior quality and uniform paint layer. Uniting form and functionality in one design solution, Lacobel is available in SAFE/SAFE+ version (EN12600) and an antibacterial glass version (link to antibacterial glass).
As Lacobel can be processed according to one’s needs, it can be used in multiple creative applications.
Comes in a number of sizes (up to 3m21 by 2m55) and 25 colours to meet a variety of design needs. Bespoke colours are also possible in Lacobel quality from 200 m².
Easy to clean and maintain due to its large smooth surface.
Uses environmentally friendly paints
Lacobel products are Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver
Preserves indoor air quality by emitting very low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde.
Internal use only: wall cladding, wardrobe doors, sliding doors,furniture, etc.
Lacobel inspires designers to use the material in innovative ways to create modern interiors leading to an endless number of applications in combination with other materials such as wood, steel, stone, etc.

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