SGG DECORGLASS is a patterned glass which has a texture printed onto its surface. Available in a wide range of patterns and colours, it provides an infinite choice of styles and variations. A piece of clear or tinted molten glass is passed between two rollers, which emboss the pattern into the sheet, providing a highly durable finish.


SGG DECORGLASS is used for interior or exterior applications and is ideal for creating bright and private spaces.

SGG DECORGLASS offers an extensive range of designs, colours and textures that are suitable for the decoration of residential, offices or commercial premises:

Shower and bath screens
Furniture (office furniture, table tops, countertops, shelves)
Internal and external crash barriers
Street furniture.
Light and privacy

SGG DECORGLASS separates areas and provides maximum light and privacy, as well. This helps to:

Give the feeling of increased space in smaller living areas by diffusing and spreading light
Create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere by screening direct sight or vision
Tradition and design

Various patterns are adapted to both classical and modern environments.