SAFETYLINE is a louvre system dedicated to residential market and commercial buildings that offers comfort, design and performance. Very popular in the tropics, these blinds fulfil a vital role in ventilation, occultationand sun protection. In addition to ensuring the privacy, they help regulateindoor temperatures.

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The SAFETYLINE offer can be adapted to renovation projects. The principle is based on the implentation of modularend caps so that the louvre system can be adapted to the required dimensions.

Various solutions and combinations are possible to meet all requirements:

  • Frame with glass or aluminum louvres
  • Mixed frame: with aluminum and glass louvres
  • Frame with optional integrated removable mosquito net

Motorized version of the louvre system with invisible motor fully integrated into the frame

  • Suitable for regions with high humidity
  • Optional connection to a centralised control system
  • Quick access to the motor for easier maintenance
  • Easy to install and use
  • Sober design and minimalist lines thanks to the frame of only 42 mm
  • Straight or curved aluminum blades or glass blades (straight) at 135 mm intervals
  • Ideal for large dimensions: up to 1400 mm wide
  • Class 5 hurricane resistance
  • Weather performances: A3E7BVA5
  • Tested up to 30,000 cycles
  • Impact resistance: 900 joules
  • Large dimensions
  • Wide choice of handles: lever handle, turn handle, knob or winch system

  • Square-cut assembled fixed frame
  • Each blade is equipped with polyamide end caps to ensure design and safety
  • Blades opening up to 80 °
  • Weatherproofing is ensured by marine-quality EPDM gaskets

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