Aluminum Systems

Technal offers a unique range of aluminum systems, curtain walling, doors, and windows for the building industry.

With 50 years of creation and innovation, Technal has established an unrivalled reputation, and has become a market leader in Europe in aluminum joinery in all type of sectors, industries, services, housing, focusing in comfort of living and sustainability.

Discover the wide range of Technal aluminum joineries: façades, windows, patio-doors, sliding systems, doors, louver systems, shutters, brise-soleil, partition, etc.



Our approach to design is closely linked to the process of innovation.

Intelligent design is fundamental to new product development, helping us meet building occupiers’ aspirations for sound, touch and ease of use. Our designs also incorporate the latest technologies to deliver the functional, technical, aesthetic, environmental and economic specifications for each project.

We are committed to developing products that facilitate fabrication and installation to reduce programme times and further improve quality, and to meet occupiers’ requirements for performance over time.

Our systems can be adapted to meet the demands of projects in different cultures and societies with different national standards and security requirements.

We can offer exclusive finishes and a wide spectrum of colours to give the aluminum systems their own distinctive identity and further design flexibility for architects, developers and home owners.

One of our principle strengths is our commitment to innovation and to research and development. Based in France, the Technal Brand Development Centre is supported by international teams in many countries, including the UK, Spain, Portugal, China, India, and Brunei…

The centre’s role is to create the products of the future and to ensure that Technal’s systems are designed and manufactured to be fully integrated and compatible.

All our products, both standard systems and profiles that have been adapted for specific projects, are fully tested in accordance with all relevant national and international regulations.

Technal also has independently approved testing facilities, which allow us to assess the thermal performance, weather tightness, wind resistance and durability of each product.

Tests have shown that our systems often exceed the required standards, allowing even greater design flexibility for specifiers and giving further reassurance and peace of mind for developers and building occupiers alike.

The intrinsic qualities of aluminum, its infinite recyclability, strength and lightness, durability and low maintenance qualities mean it is one of the most sustainable building materials.

Our technical documents for Health and the Environment provide specifiers, contractors and developers with valuable information about the environmental impact of our systems and facades.

Technal is also working with leading industry specialists to continually improve recyclability and to reduce carbon emissions during the life cycle of our products.

Research and development work into insulation has achieved an impressive four-fold increase in the thermal performance of our systems over the last 20 years.

And the trend towards larger glazed spans has resulted in increased solar gain in winter and less reliance on artificial lighting.

Technal has had ISO 9001 certification in place since 1993 and its expertise in the design, manufacture and distribution of its products and systems is well known.

The performance of our systems is in full compliance with European standards. And because we have European Technical Approval (ETA) for non-standard systems together with Initial Type Testing (ITT) for our standard products, our fabricators and installers can use CE Marking for our installed systems.

The Qualicoat and Qualanod marks certify the quality of finishes for polyester powder coatings and anodising.


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