record uk has two basic models which can provide hermetic sealing in the record CLEAN series. The CLEAN K1-A, a single leaf sliding door, and the CLEAN K2-A is a two sided sliding door. With these models of door a large range of requirements can be met due to:

the large range of materials available as inserts for the door leaf core
the range of surface finishes available
the wide range of design for the door frames and sealing system
the ability to adapt the door to have hermetic sealing capability
Doors with a hermetic sealing capability are used in operating theatres and other environments with clean room requirements for a high level of hygiene. Hermetic sealing prevents or minimises air flow and hence the transmission of bacteria or particles via air flow. In environments such as clinics, research and laboratory rooms, pharmaceutical production facilities, quarantine zones and clean rooms for the production of foodstuffs, this door provides hermetic closing and an easily cleanable surface. These sliding doors can be manufactured completely from stainless steel to provide modern design as well as practical functionality.

Door cores can also provide, for example, protection against electrons, x-rays and gamma rays, fire and smoke. All adaptions are certified.

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