While roofs, walls and windows have been insulated for decades, automatic sliding doors still exhibit significant and continuous heat exchange. This takes place even when the doors are fitted with insulated glass and are in the closed position. This is due to the normal one-piece aluminum profiles used in the construction of the doorframe for reasons of stability. The high thermal conductivity of aluminum means that over the entire surface of the door profiles, heat escapes outwards, or, in an air-conditioned room, ambient heat simply radiates away. The record THERMCORD system has been specially developed for automatic doors to reduce heat loss. This is achieved with the construction of two non-touching insulating layers within a slim profile that is hardly discernably thicker than regular doors. Moreover, because these two V-profiles do not touch each other at any point inside the door, any heat exchange between the inside and outside of the door system is prevented. This reduces heating costs by eliminating any hidden, permanent outflow of heat. The opposite also applies – heat is prevented from entering, thereby preventing indoor air at lower temperatures produced by costly air-conditioning from escaping. The result is a stand-alone design that sets new standards in form and function. A thermal value (UD) of up to 1.4 W / m² K is achieved in conjunction with 30 mm double glazing.