The record K 31 three leaf revolving door is available with optional central showcase (for diameters of 3100 mm and up), night shutter and escape and rescue route function. You can choose between the tried-and-tested ceiling-fitted drive, and the invisible under floor drive, finished in or anodised in any colour, or the all glass model for a modern minimalist look. For ease of use for wheelchair users or people with disabilities, the record K 31 can be fitted with a switchable control to reduce the operational speed. As with all record automatic door systems this product offers the highest levels of safety and compliance with regulation. Our revolving doors all carry official TÜV certification. All doors can also be used as emergency escape routes, and work as additional escape support.

Every record K 31 3-leaf automatic revolving door provides a very comfortable 120° wide compartment for any user and person. The canopy structure is made of a solid and strong steel structure including thermal insulation and clad in aluminum plates along the pelmet and closed with a standard dust cover. The ceiling underside is closed with segmented aluminum plates that provide a solid and perfect flush view. Highly engineered and reliable drive components ensure a smooth and safe operation at all times.

provides a very comfortable 120° wide compartment
available in any colour
highly engineered and reliable drive components
controllable speed to meet customer needs
suitable for disabled use
ceiling fitted drive or underfloor drive available
smoothness of operation
tried and tested
accommodates the passage of large and bulky items
speed can be controlled for less able customers

ceiling fitted drive
optional central show case
night shutters
emergency escape function
invisible underfloor fitted drive
switchable control to reduce operation speed