record THERMCORD – automatic door system with heat insulating properties

The record THERMCORD is an automatic door system that has thermally separated door profiles with heat insulating properties. The ift Rosenheim determined an achievable heat transmission coefficient (UD) of 1.4 W / m2 K featuring approved insulating glazing. THERMCORD is employed as an inside or outside door in areas with, even temporarily, a high temperature differential.


THERMCORD automatic door system with heat insulating properties
THERMCORD is a new record product developed entirely in-house – from the original idea to market introduction. The in-house development has allowed us to focus on and implement specific features which are of particular importance to the use as a door system. Barely distinguishable except for its thermal performance, THERMCORD can be subtly incorporated into your global concept and is therefore perfectly suited to replace old installations and complete conventional door systems where a more temperature efficient solution desirable.

The THERMCORD drive, controller and control unit come from the proven components of the record system 20 where reliability, functionality and operation have been well tested and trusted in the industry. Operation remains menu-based via the record BDE-D display and maintenance costs remain as low as before, thanks to the ultra-silent drive elements from the record STA 20 range. There are some additional considerations for records when handling the THERCORD during installation but for the customer the benefits to heating and air-conditioning costs are what will be noticed.

effective thermal barrier despite narrow door profiles (just 38 mm thick)
UD value up to 1.4 W / m² K according to EN 16 361
other components derived from record’s existing proven precision technology
ultra silent operation
reliable as well as funtional
adapted to visually match record’s conventional sliding doors
designed from experience and with inside knowledge of automatic doors
common components mean less installation time than competitors
well-known and reliable brand