record FIRSTSYSTEM – The folding door : for outside traffic

Instant profitability for this simple and sturdy door that will accelerate your performance. The Record Firstsystem First door seals your openings and provides you great thermal and phonic insulation at the same time. Fast and secure, the Firstsystem will never let you down.


A simple and sturdy door adapted to
industrial constraints:

Industrial steel frame 25/10.
Twin motor fail protection.
Presence detection assured by a double row of safety cells.
Twin speed motors– up speed 1 m .s-1 – down speed 0.49 m.s-1
Industrial control panel with heavy duty PLC and contactors
Door panel assembled by ultrasonic welding
Prestressed polyester fabric 670g/m² laminated both sides with PVC.
A wide range of colors and solutions to meet
all your expectations :

15 panel colors available as standard

Vision portholes rows *

Many solutions for automatic or manual opening actuation
– Push button, pullswitch, remote control…
– Radars, photo cells, induction loop…

Stainless steel structure *

Double skin door panel for improved thermal and phonic insulation *

2 Opening heights for vehicles or pedestrian *

People and building safety :

Extra people safety :
– Safety edge *
– Infrared detection*, light barriers*
– Laser detection *

Product complies with standard EN 13241-1
– EMC conformity
– IP 65 Control panel

Emergency openings :
– Containment pin *
– Ratchet wrench *
– Automatic counterweight opening *