record SPEEDCORD – rapid shutter door for indoor applications

Crash-proof rapid shutter door for indoor applications
The record SPEEDCORD is a rapid operating, anti-crash shutter door for indoor applications which can be easily installed between the warehouse and sales area, or between two warehouses. Extensive safety features protect users and materials from damage or harm. This shutter is relatively easy and inexpensive to install making an ideal choice for businesses such as the interiors of food distribution centres, supermarkets, retail stores, logistics and freight forwarding companies, assembly lines and the cargo areas at airports.


Wide range of applications
The record SPEEDCORD is often used in addition to manually operated gates and doors that are locked outside working hours. The fully integrated drive and control components uses 230 V mains power making any upgrade comparatively easy and inexpensive to install and run. The record SPEEDCORD also functions well as an attractive visual barrier, or as a convenient goods entrance in supermarkets. The SPEEDCORD can also be used to connect two storage areas of different temperatures. The high opening and closing speed means short hold-open times, no waiting time and minimal heat loss caused by thermal exchange. This is particularly important in the case of large doors commonly accessed by forklift trucks. The record SPEEDCORD can also be used to reduce noise spreading, e.g. from assembly line areas.

Extensive safety features include a light sensor recessed deep in the tracks to detect obstacles in the closing area. The newly developed record anti-crash system (RACS) ensures that collisions with the record SPEEDCORD do not have serious consequences, and do not lead to other operational malfunctions.

safety sensors and cut outs
all drive elements integrated into housing
powerful, modern, brushless drive motor
control panel integrated into doorframe with graphic display (BDE-D)
power supply is 230 V
warning light with maintenance-free LED technology
no protruding components
low maintenance
graphic display (BDE-D) conveniently integrated into doorframe
no external wiring or switches required for power supply
maintenance-free LED technology